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What is Acupuncture?

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Acupuncture is the quick insertion of very fine needles to various depths, at mapped point locations on the body. The acupuncture points on the meridian channels follow specific areas of the muscular-skeletal structure and the nervous system.  

The result is increased blood circulation, stimulating the immune system and releasing muscular tension. This creates instantly or after rested time, a cascade of bodily stimulations which enhance calm, release stress, and shift inflammation and pain.

A diagnosis using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) determines the root cause of the symptoms presented. A unique treatment is therefore provided and may help with multiple issues simultaneously. Acupuncture treatment could benefit pain, digestion, sleep, anxiety, depression, fatigue, injury and chronic inflammatory issues such as migraines and sinus.


The practitioner at Be Zen uses all the modalities of TCM, acupuncture being just one part. The other modalities are just as important to create the next step to healing. Understanding environmental and emotional impacts and incorporating body work, micro supplementation and nutrition are vital. Treatment is most beneficial when working on the whole, the body mind and soul.


The research to date on TCM and acupuncture is providing more evidence of it’s effectiveness and with a trained practitioner following registration standards, acupuncture is considered safe.

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